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You will never get over this but you will begin to learn how to get through it for example, I am only just becoming able to look back at photographs without breaking down and appreciating the fond memories.Everyone’s experience of bereavement is very individual, so if other people try to tell you how you should be coping, remember you are a special individual.Take care Sorry for your loss and I too understand the loss of someone to suicide.It adds a different dimension to grief although anger guilt loneliness come in all grief.Talking and sharing helps and though no answers a listening ear can help. My son had a best friend who tried to commit suicide and luckily my son called to see him that day and managed to save his life and get him help but a few months later his friend actually managed to kill himself and this time there was no-one there to stop him.

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Would counselling help you because you cannot make sense of what happened to your partner and you need someone to talk to. Sheila xx Hi Alana, I lost my partner of 52 to suicide 20 months ago.

To begin with you feel numb not knowing what to do and the ultimate question of why!!!!

I'm here if you need a chatx Hi Alana, yes please do keep writing on the forum.

There are many others who feel like you do & you're right about the lonelines & isolation being so incredibly hard. Do you have any family or friends nearby you can reach out too?

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