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That deal has since been surpassed (Zipz, Episode 611).

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, John Paul De Joria"Better Life" 100% natural cleaning products (YES); "180Cup" a beer cup that doubles as a shot glass (YES); "Kymera Body Board" electric powered body boards (NO); "Tree-T-Pee" a device for watering trees more efficiently (YES); Update on: Teddy Needs a Bath (Episode 413) Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Schulzies Bread Pudding" bread pudding desserts (NO); "Paparazzi Proposals" a paparazzi-style photography business that captures your proposal without being seen (YES); "Belly Buds" speakers for playing music to the womb of expectant mothers (NO); "Pet Paint" colored hairspray for dogs (NO); Update on: Sound Bender (Episode 414) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Door Bot" a doorbell with a camera and speaker that connects to your smartphone (NO); "Slawsa" a cross between a coleslaw and a salsa (NO); "Magic Moments" an app that allows you to put your photos on products that you can sell (NO); "Surprise Ride" a monthly box of themed educational activities for children (NO); Update on: "Barbara's All Stars" Barbara takes some of her top investments [Cousins Maine Lobster (Episode 406), Villy Customs (Episode 313), Tom Chee (Episode 426), Ryan's Barkery (Episode 426), Daisy Cakes (Episode 206), The Coop (Episode 411), Ride-On, Carry-On (Episode 204)] on a weekend retreat to Fire Island and promotes a new Shark Tank book of advice for entrepreneurs from all the sharks.

On January 8, 2018, the series was renewed for a tenth season. Tod's Pie Factory" a pie company (YES); "Ionic Ear" an implantable Bluetooth device requiring surgery to insert the device into the user's head (NO); "Wispots" an electronic hand-held device for waiting rooms (NO); "Ava the Elephant" (Emmy the Elephant during show, trademarked as Ava after) a plastic elephant-shaped device that helps parents give small children oral medicine (YES); "College Foxes Packing Boxes" a packing and organizing service based on an already successful business called College Hunks Hauling Junk (NO) "Crooked Jaw" a mixed martial arts clothing line (NO); "Lifebelt" a device that prevents the car from starting without the seat belt being fastened (NO); "A Perfect Pear" a gourmet food business (YES); "Sticky Note Holder" a Post-It note arm for laptops (NO); "Classroom Jams" a musical way to teach students Shakespeare (YES)Note: This is the first episode to have all five sharks invest in a single deal (Classroom Jams).

"Turbobaster" a cooking device for cooking (YES); "Kwyzta Chopstick are cool" household items made from recycled chopsticks (NO); "Stress Free Kids" a line of books that use stress relieving techniques to calm kids to sleep (YES); "50 State Capitals in 50 Minutes" flashcards to help memorize the Asian States and their capitals (NO); "Voyage Air Guitar" a guitar design that folds the guitar into a backpack (NO)Note: The creator of Voyage Air Guitar would return to the tank in the future and eventually agree to a deal, but none of the subsequent negotiations were televised.

Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Mango Mango" mango preserves (NO); "Breathometer" a smartphone breathalyzer (YES); "Man Medals" medals for men doing chores (NO); "Kane & Couture" designer dog apparel and accessories (YES); Update on: Simple Sugars (Episode 420) Sharks: Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Fairytale Wishes" aromatherapy sprays for children (NO); "The Freeloader" a piggyback carrier for children (YES); "Kookn' Kap" a breathable, non-flammable cooking cap to keep aromas out of your hair (NO); "Rapid Ramen Cooker" a specially designed bowl for cooking ramen noodles (YES); Update on: Echo Valley Meats (Episode 421) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Sunday Night Slow Jams" a love songs radio show (NO); "Hamboards" skateboards that ride like a surfboard (YES); "Scan" a QR code application (NO); "Screen Mend" window screen repair patches (YES); Update on: Mission Belt (Episode 422)Note: R&B musician Brian Mc Knight makes a cameo to pitch for Sunday Night Slow Jams.

Tod's Pie Factory (Episode 101) "Grill Charms" stainless steel tags that identify different cooking specifications of various meats when on the grill (YES); "Fun House" an entertainment venue in Times Square, New York (NO); "Boogie Box Fitness" aerobics fitness programs, classes, and DVDs (NO); "Soy-Yer-Dough" soybean based modeling dough for those with a wheat allergy (YES); Update on: A Perfect Pear (Episode 102) "Notehall" a website that buys and sells college class notes and study guides (YES); "Treasure Chest Pets" an organizer for children designed like a stuffed toy (YES); "Throx" a company that sells socks in sets of threes (NO); "Washed Up Hollywood" a belt and belt buckle manufacturer (NO); Update on: Coverplay (Episode 104) "Chill Soda" a healthy soda (YES); "Cornucopia" a veterinarian who created pet food he claims could extend a pet's life (NO); "Virtu Sphere" a large sphere one can walk in to experience virtual reality environments (NO); "Gayla Bentley Fashion" a fashion line for women over size 12 (YES); Update on: Ava the Elephant (Episode 101) "The Bobble Place" a custom bobble head doll company (NO); "Mr.Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert"The Last Lid" a universal garbage can lid (YES); "Ledge Pillow" a pillow for woman with large breasts (NO); "Talbott Teas" premium teas (YES); "M3 Girl Designs" a jewelry line for kids (YES); Update on: Lightfilm (Episode 205) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Robert"Five Minute Furniture" an easy-assembly furniture line (NO); "The Painted Pretzel" a candy pretzel business (YES); "Esso Watches" a wristwatch with alleged health benefits (NO); "Readerest Specsecure" a magnet that allows you to attach your glasses to your shirt so you won't lose them (YES); Update on: Man Candle (Episode 208) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert"Kisstixx" flavored mix-and-match lip balms (YES); "The Smart Baker" a line of home baking products (YES); "The Heat Helper" a laundry dryer heat-recycling device (NO); "Technology Enabled Clothing" clothing designed for portable electronics (NO); Update on: Daisy Cakes (Episode 207) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert"The Original Profender" a basketball training device (NO); "Nardo's Natural" a line of skin care products (YES); "Rent-A-Grandma" a babysitting service staffed by older women (NO); "Litter" a line of body jewelry (YES); Update on: Pork Barrel BBQ (Episode 106) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert"Tower Paddle Boards" a paddle board company (YES); "Instant Lifts" clear adhesives that improve the look of sagging skin (NO); "Vinamor" a wine aerator (NO); "Miso Media" software for learning to play instruments (YES); Update on: Readerest (Episode 306)Note: Singer Ingrid Michaelson makes a cameo to demonstrate Miso Media.Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert"The Ave Venice" customized shoe designs (NO); "Bark’em’s To Go" pet food packaged to-go (NO); "Brewer’s Cow" beer flavored ice cream (NO); "Go Go Gear" fashionable motorcycle and scooter protective riding apparel (YES); Update on: Ride-On Carry-On (Episode 204) Sharks: Mark, Daymond, Kevin, Barbara, Robert"Blondies Cookies" a cookie business (NO); "View Sport" T-Shirts with designs that appear when in contact with water (NO); "The Sullivan Generator" a machine that produces natural energy from earth's rotation and gold as a by-product (NO); "Copa di Vino" the wine in a glass creator returns to pitch his product again (NO); Update on: Copa di Vino (Episode 201)Note: This episode is the first to show a past entrepreneur return to the tank (Copa di Vino, Episode 201).The entrepreneur can make a deal if one or more of the sharks are willing to meet or exceed the full investment amount they asked for.If all of the sharks opt out, the entrepreneur leaves empty-handed.

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