Chris klein dating katie holmes dating sober people

About a decade later, in June 2010, Klein found himself alone in a jail cell, having been busted for his second DUI.

Chris Klein, the star of the seminal late-‘90s/MTV-era comedies Election and American Pie—and engaged to Katie Holmes—was, in James Cameron parlance, on top of the world.

Soon after, Klein found a steady amount of work in the film industry while briefly attending TCU, where he studied theater and was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

He was next seen in American Pie, acting as Christopher Russell Ostreicher, which opened on July 9, 1999, and was a box office success.

He lived in the town for thirteen years before his family moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

At Millard West High School in Omaha, Klein acted in his high school's performance of West Side Story, played cornerback and linebacker for the football team, and swam on the Millard West Swim Team.

In 2002, Klein had a role in the Mel Gibson Vietnam War film We Were Soldiers.

Klein starred in the 2002 remake of the film Rollerball, but the film was a massive critical and financial failure.

“Rollerball was definitely a dud,” says Klein, matter-of-factly. There’s a lot of reasons for it, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of effort on my part.”After Rollerball tanked, things hit a snag for Klein, resulting in a two-year gap in his acting resume from 2003-05.“The studio opportunities started to slow down,” he says.He squirreled money away, and began dating the up-and-coming actress Katie Holmes, who like Klein was a small-town girl whose star had risen thanks to the TV series Dawson’s Creek.“I was working all the time and [Holmes] was involved in a TV show that filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, so we’d hang on hiatuses,” says Klein. We met before we could legally drink, so think about when you were 20 to 24, and that’s what it was. It was late ‘90s, young Hollywood, and we were having a good time ...not unlike all those vampires today.”After the clunky romantic drama Here On Earth and road comedy Say It Isn’t So, Klein had two films that were predicted to be Hollywood blockbusters released on back-to-back weekends in 2002: a remake of the cult film Rollerball, and the Vietnam War drama We Were Soldiers, opposite Mel Gibson.For Klein’s follow-up, he was cast as Chris “Oz” Ostreicher—an impossibly polite high-school lacrosse player who makes a pledge with his fellow senior pals to lose their virginity before graduation—in the 1999 film American Pie.The gross-out, pie-sex comedy was a zeitgeisty smash, grossing more than 5 million worldwide against just an million budget.“My childhood dream was coming true in short order,” says Klein.

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