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1) Why were there no replies to the messages sent to [email protected]? If it isn’t, then there should have been an error message sent back from your website.

No replies including error messages were ever received, so it must be a valid email address.

As a matter of fact, the way that your name ended up being mentioned was that someone wanted to point out that the site had only been registered a couple months earlier, and he showed this by posting the registration information in its entirety.

The discourse in that thread was calm and reasonable; saying that you didn’t just go ahead and post an explanation in it because you didn’t want to fuel the fire makes no sense: there was no fire to fuel.

True, you can pick any fake email address for the registration information and if the registrar or hosting service doesn’t bother to check it out, then it will end up going into the registration databases.

But we’re not talking about registration data here, we’re talking about SOA records.

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To begin with, you say that no one ever contacted you about the scam sites.

Also, it is very important to note that we are discussing SOA records here, not registration information.

You say in your letter that anyone can use any email address when registering a domain.

There was no campaign against you as you claim, there were just some postings on this blog that mentioned the web pages that linked your name to the scam sites. (And, as a matter of fact, before coming across the address, there was another person that we believed was behind the sites.) The fact that you hid your personal information at the same time that the sites got shut down, along with the fact that the sites did not get shut down until it was revealed that your name was linked to them, was very suspicious, you must admit.

I know that you don’t care to answer any questions about this, but would you be so good as to answer these?

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