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Shortly after buying the Walkman, Lance determined that it was broken.

Lance went crying to their father and told him he wanted his money back, but Marshall pulled out the contract and refused.

Frank had finally had enough and decided to start doing some research online.

He found a background check site that can give you all sorts of information about someone.

Marshall & Lance, exhausted and already in dead last, decided to quit the race during the Roadblock, marking the first time ever that host Phil Keoghan had to eliminate a team still on the race course.

I read on here one time that if something is only punishable with a fine, then it’s legal for rich people.

not only pulls from public records but many different social and dating websites around the internet.

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Whenever you ask an attorney a question, they always start the answer with, "So this isn't my area of expertise, but..." Well, motherfucker, why did you specialize in M&A transactions and shit and not crazy ass hypothetical situations I come up with when I'm drinking?

Mary from Dallas Texas filed a lawsuit against background check site this month in court.

In her lawsuit, she alleges provided her husband with “confidential” information about her.

Nor that she was having an affair on her husband with multiple men.

The case can be found on the Clark County website case number 16A003140, Conservative Daily Post spoke to Mary’s ex-husband Frank to figure out more about this strange situation.

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