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Recording yourself in a plastic lawn chair in your grubby yard..that footage you really want of yourself out there? [/italic]I recently heard a podcast where Samantha Ronson briefly discussed the hell he put her through, and about her lawsuit against him. He can cry all the crocodile tears he wants now but he made his living bringing other people down and digging dirt. Absolutely no idea how he couldn't ever figure out that his fame was basically a fluke.HOW CAN THE KIDS OF TODAY HAVE NO APPRECIATION FOR A SEAMLESS BACKGROUND??? Also Wentworth Miller comes to mind, who Perez tried to bully out of the closet. I am sure he's addicted to something he thinks will give him the maximum amount of exposure and probably a reality TV show or at least some web series.

Perez tried to be BFFs with Ross Matthews but he was eaten up with jealousy of Ross because Ross had more success with E! Then Perez migrated to Chelsea Handler but she couldn't stand him. He used to be on her show but I think after a few times he just bombed. Not talking about his self-produced video shit shows.

We now now that Wentwhorth has tried kill himself several times, and I just can't even begin to imagine how awful that period of his life must have been. Years ago, I was at a gay house party in Hollywood off Fountain and Mario aka Perez was in attendance. It was the same thing a decade ago when he got all fat and then cut a deal with some weight loss program to shill their products and on some fatloss reality TV show to get thin again (thanks to cocaine). He shmoozes up to celebs and when he knows something about them he sells them out or blackmails them for other celebs' dirt (just like TMZ's Harvey Levin).

Katya, the very popular Ru Paul Drag Queen, recently issued a statement that she is an addict and is taking a break from show biz and social media. I’m sure that Perez’s similarly timed, similar statement is a coincidence.

He was a real asshole years ago but he seems to have turned around things for the better in recent years.

I follow him on Instagram and over the past several weeks he has posted cryptic videos of him admitting he’s an “addict” and revealing he was going to see a therapist.

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