Cisco switch vtp not updating

Let’s see if we are able to synchronize some VLANs.We’ll start with something simple: No problem at all! VTP version 3 is able to synchronize private VLAN information.When a VLAN is created, you can also give it certain attributes such as a VLAN name, VLAN type, and its operational state. Extended VLANs are currently supported only on switches running COS software version 6.1 or greater.When you create a VLAN, you have many options to consider.

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If a VLAN is not known to a switch, that switch cannot transfer traffic across any of its ports for that VLAN.

VLANs are created by number, and there are two ranges of usable VLAN numbers (normal range 1–1000 and extended range 1025–4096).

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