Classic dating mistakes women make

Maybe this sounds unfair, why can’t you take a proactive approach to your love life and pursue him? When you focus on your own wants, your own worries, your own fears, your own needs, and pay no attention to how your guy feels and experiences things, you essentially turn him into an object who is a means to an end.The reason a lot of women can’t keep a guy’s interest beyond a few dates is because she gets so fixated on achieving some sort of relationship goal (like being official), and on figuring out how he feels.That is the essential fuel a man needs to keep going in a relationship.Appreciation is the key that unlocks a man’s heart.And a lot of what I learned came through devastating personal experiences, I literally was a classic example of what to do for a large chunk of time.So when I talk about mistakes women make, understand that it’s coming from a woman who made all these mistakes and who wishes she had someone who knew better to set her straight!Of course, you should always try to work on your relationship so you can increase the intimacy between you and your partner, but sometimes, no matter what you do, some men just cheat because of all kinds of different reasons.Here are the most common mistakes women make when men cheat: One of the most common mistakes women make when men cheat is that they start investigating every little thing they see or hear. There is nothing a woman can do to cause a man to cheat. He cheated and left me for another woman, then this other woman cheated on him.

MORE: When a Guy Withdraws After Sex One of the biggest turn-offs to a man is a woman who acts entitled and just expects him to do things.While sometimes it’s natural to be suspicious, there are times when you could be wrong and you could accuse your partner of something that they didn’t do. He begged me to take him back and I did cos I believe in second chances like an idiot. Make sure you gather all the facts before you accuse him of cheating and don’t spend all your energy investigating every little detail. I wish I had come across articles such as this one, it would have spared me a lot of heartache and humiliation, to say the least.With that, let’s dive in and look at the most common and disastrous mistakes women make that push men away.

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