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Step 1 – Create database table and create new web application. Step 3 – Add name space for sql connection Data Table object. Now, finishing design make connection between sql database and web application.

In this gridview example we use sql connection and sql dataadapter method for connectivity.

Yes i am updating only that row which becomes editable. I guess there is something wrong with the body of Grid View1_Row Updating method.

When you clik the edit button ,only the row in which you clicked Edit button becomes editable. So, i guess you should write the code to update only that row. Whenever you post a thread in a daniweb and you are expecting a reply.

For this situation, many developers use invisible columns (Hidden columns) in the gridview to identify that row.

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Answer to my above questions and i will solve the problem quickly. In the smart Tag i have added the Rowupdating event..u can c in the code i have posted above..... My gridview structure is like : Edit/Delete ID NAME PRICE So my id column is my cell[0] or cell[1] ????? You must have forgotten to add Grid View1_Row Updating event to the Grid View.

I have disabled Auto Generate Columns and declared the columns explicitly.

In the below code snippet, I have used Template column for binding a link or URL to a hyperlink control.

A datakey represents the primary key field or field of a record that can uniquely identify it in a data-bound control. Row Index represents the index of the particular row.

Many a times in our applications we use primary keys to get control of the particular record in the gridview.

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