Cofounder dating

The level of trust and helpfulness is remarkable for a group of such size.

And Jessica is the main reason why.(As we later learned, it probably cost us little to reject people whose characters we had doubts about, because how good founders are and how well they do are .

Later stage investors get to try products and look at growth numbers.

At the stage where YC invests, there is often neither a product nor any numbers.

Others thought YC had some special insight about the future of technology.

Mostly we had the same sort of insight Socrates claimed: we at least knew we knew nothing. During interviews, Robert and Trevor and I would pepper the applicants with technical questions. A lot of the applicants probably read her as some kind of secretary, especially early on, because she was the one who'd go out and get each new group and she didn't ask many questions. It was easier for her to watch people if they didn't notice her.

November 2015A few months ago an article about Y Combinator said that early on it had been a "one-man show." It's sadly common to read that sort of thing.

But the problem with that description is not just that it's unfair. Much of what's most novel about YC is due to Jessica Livingston. Jessica and I decided one night to start it, and the next day we recruited my friends Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell.

The most successful founders are almost all good.)If Jessica was so important to YC, why don't more people realize it?And letting yourself (and your healthy habits) go can be so fun!Sharing late-night slices after talking for hours, that one last cocktail before calling it a night... But sometimes, eating healthy is a bigger priority than throwing your diet out the window in the name of love.Partly because I'm a writer, and writers always get disproportionate attention.YC's brand was initially my brand, and our applicants were people who'd read my essays. She was even uncomfortable at our wedding, because the bride is always the center of attention.

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