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If you only use Wi Fi to check email and surf the web (rather than streaming or gaming), then you may be eligible to enroll in Comcast’s Flexible Data Option.This plan credits back each month to customers who use less than 5 GB of data.Most people simply assume modem rental is a necessary evil -- the same as having to rent a cable box -- but it's not.Buying and using your own modem is not only allowed, it's relatively easy to do.

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Comcast claims that Xfinity Internet delivers the most reliable high-speed Internet and Wi Fi for all devices, all the time. Technically we can’t call Comcast the most reliable provider, as Optimum’s score eked past it in the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) latest report.Available speeds vary by location, so be sure to use our ZIP code tool to check plans in your area.Xfinity Internet not only promises some of the fastest speeds available — from 15 Mbps up to 2,000 Mbps — but also does a great job keeping that promise.You may find that 1 TB of data stretches farther than you think.Xfinity also offers money-saving data plans for light internet users.

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