Consolidating all photos in iphoto

It took a while of course, but seemed to do the trick. After allowing that to finish, it appears that the problem persists.And performing the same steps in the settings results in the same message above.

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The reason for this is because there is not a reliable way to replace an existing photo with a different one in i Photo, including making sure that photo appears in the correct place in albums, keepsake items, web galleries, and other various aspects of the library structure.Well, sure, the files are organized in sub-folders in the i Photo library. I think photos and photo albums are one of the only things that really give me true anxiety…..because it’s so easy to get behind!I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this…here’s what works for me since I get easily distracted!Most of this is geared towards a Mac system but it can be easily applied to a PC as well. Do you have photos on your laptop, desktop and i Phone?

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