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Access to the Sixth Form to begin preparation of Advanced Subsidiary (AS) examinations in Year 12, and General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A2) examinations in Year 13, is open to those students who have passed a required minimum of subjects at (I)GCSE with good grades.Students take five subjects in their first year (Year 12).In order to proceed with your application it will be necessary to produce original documents (with copies) - or copies authenticated by a Spanish consular establishment in your country or by any other competent authority there.

The same is the case for non-Spanish nationals who may wish to enter Spanish universities.If for any reason your application is rejected, the rejection letter will inform you of the reason behind this and the appeal procedures open to you and the time limit for lodging an appeal.Please note that this is simply a general overview of the procedures involved in gaining recognition for your qualification there may be slight changes to this depending upon your profession.The Spanish Embassy will be able to put you in contact with an approved person who will be able to do this on your behalf.It should go without saying that in handling documents of this kind you should always keep copies safe for your own records and send all correspondence by certified mail wherever possible.

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