Cote de pablo dating michael weatherly

” And I immediately perked up and went “I will not allow this actor to do this to me.” So what people saw in the audition room really was a person fighting the other person back and refusing to give even an inch. He grabbed my face and said, “You know, you look so much like Salma Hayek.” I thought it was disrespectful and completely unprofessional.

It was just all the things that I think later on translated to the relationship that Ziva and Tony had and still have.

Cote: No, he totally did it with the other actress. But I got lucky and got the part because I responded the way they felt was right.

One other girl sort of flirted back with him, and she was sort of open. Q: The “Tiva” love/hate conflict seems to be going a little bit more on the back burner.

“I spent eight years crafting this character and loving her, so when I perceived the character wasn’t being treated with the respect she deserved…

Showrunner Gary Glasberg, however, recently revealed Ziva will influence Tony Di Nozzo's (Weatherly) decision to leave the agency.“We established early on there were choices that Tony was going to be making as he’s looking at his career…He’s going to find himself at a bit of a crossroads, with some significant issues to deal with.” During the Sunday Q&A, de Pablo opened up about some frustrations with TV’s most watched drama — which she abruptly parted ways with at the start of Season 11, after her contract expired — and scripts “not being good enough,” as seen in the first video below, taken by de Pablo fan Katrina.And I think fans will always find things that will make them kind of sway their opinion as to where they think that relationship will go.We never have an idea of where this relationship is gonna go. Well, they’re always fun because they always just so happen to be with Michael.

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