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A few days later Sam was eyeing it, wishing to have a piece of it. Suddenly his little hand patted the tops of all the pieces of candy.As he reached out to touch one of the big pieces, Sally said to him, "If you touch it, then you have to eat it. "Now I can eat them all." A young woman was taking an afternoon nap. That evening, the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife.These days, there is also a tradition to club Valentine's with tiny candy hearts with affectionate messages printed on them.There exists a strong tradition of indulging one's beloved with gifts of love.The other most traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to go for romantic candlelight dinners with one's Valentine.

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Here we will discuss some of the most commonly observed way of celebrating St Valentine' Day.

Those without a partner organize Valentine's Day Single's Party and have a good time dancing and playing games with other friends who are single.

In several countries including United States and Canada there is a tradition to organize Valentine's Day classroom parties in schools.

Some of the most popular gifts exchanged between lovers on Valentine's Day are fresh flowers - mainly roses, chocolates and teddy bears.

Fine jewelry is increasingly becoming a popular St Valentine's day gift gift for women due to the rigorous marketing campaign by diamond industry.

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