Cross cultural dating

2) Be interested in sharing details of your personal life and learn more about your date If you don’t open up and show them who you really are, how are they going to get to know you?

Further, why would they share things about themselves if you don’t?

Make sure you get the right balance as too much eye contact will make them feel uncomfortable and not enough will make them think you are not interested.

7) Don’t have preconceived ideas or be too guarded If you are apprehensive or have prejudices you will find that you will not have a good time.

6) Don’t underestimate the importance of eye contact Eye contact is very important when dating, and a critical flirting tip.

So many emotions, especially those dealing with interest, are conveyed through the eyes.

9) The questions below are part of the more general question of what the gender roles are in the society overall. 15) Are there any special grooming customs in the society of the person you are dating?

16) Are there any special rules about drinking and/or smoking?

4) Wear something appropriate and feel comfortable in it Women should not dress too sexy for a first date which means no plunging necklines and no short skirts.One thing that is certain is that the majority of serious problems between a mixed Vietnamese-foreign couple are cultural.I am 27 years old and I have dated both Vietnamese and western men. “When people back home go out with each other, they’re never sure whether or not they’ll fall in love or become boyfriend and girlfriend,” he explained.Many singles find themselves nervous and apprehensive on a first date because they worry about how they will get through it and whether or not this first date will lead to future dates.It’s okay to be nervous about a first date but if you follow my advice above, it will help you not only to survive a first date but will help guarantee you a second date.

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