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For example, if a young Hopi woman fancied a particular man, she would go on a rabbit hunt with him and offer him a corncake from meal she had ground herself.Welsh sailors would give their lovers a spoon before embarking on a long voyage.

Musicals aside, a matchmaker was typically a shrewd person with the savvy of business broker, astrologer, and therapist.

The longer the voyage, the more ornate the spoon as a symbol of steadfastness (ideas, steampunks? In the Yunnan province of China, lovers send each other leaves of varying (and symbolic) trees.

Zulu and Zambian couples traditionally gave one another beads, sometimes sewing them into devotional designs on clothing and bags. This section is dedicated to Miss Kagashi's elder sister, who is not only engaged to be wed to an admirable man this coming autumn, but also picked black as the color of her Maid of Honor's dress.

(Yes, I know that there are robotic carrier pigeons and telegraph messaging, but nobody learns anything if we leave it at that.) Let's take a jaunt around the globe and see just how people were flirting, fawning, and f.... Popular modes throughout the ages have included poetry, songs, shoes, and a good old-fashioned dirty joke.

Fans served a great deal in flirting around the world.

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