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This upsets him, creating a standoff between himself and his mother.When he talks about his mother's behavior to Amy, she counsels him that while he is a genius, his emotional reactions to his mother ignoring him are no different from that of any other human being, and that the less intelligent might be able to handle their emotions better by not over thinking them.

Sheldon goes to the model train store to hear a lecture on HO gauge model trains, and is convinced into buying an HO gauge model train set.

Amy also reminds her that while Catherine the Great was accused of having sex with a horse, she still was considered "great".

Penny gets a new chair, which Sheldon enjoys until he finds out that she picked it up from the street.

The Soyuz capsule was constructed based on photos from NASA, the Kansas Cosmosphere for dimensions, and scavenged parts from an aerospace junkyard in Los Angeles.

Raj finds himself in hot water with Leonard after his night with Penny and also with Howard after he discovers Raj's fantasies about Bernadette.

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