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they “speculate that the apparent lack of rib torsion in this hominin thus suggests a wide lower thorax morphology, perhaps coupled with a cranially convergent upper thorax that is dissimilar to that of modern humans and perhaps Neandertals and other members of the genus .

paper additional rib fragments were found, but only a nearly complete right first rib (UW 102a-250) added much in terms of useful information, the rib being described as “more complete than the Dinaledi first rib fragments, and is similar in morphology in the overlapping regions”.

In the 12 cases examined for skeletal growth disturbances in hypothyroidism, eight cases had disproportionate development of the rib cage, with the authors stating that “disproportionate development of the costae typically more severe in the cranial end of the thorax”., should have humeral torsion within the hominid (large apes plus humans) range, were it a healthy normal individual, so its reported value was more likely to be diagnostic of pathology than uniqueness.” specimen Sts 7, as well as the great apes, differ from that of modern human scapulae in having a more cranially oriented glenoid fossa (cavity), indicating habitual use of the arm in an elevated position “that would be common during climbing behavior”, If true, this may suggest some sort of developmental linkage between shoulder girdle position and width of the upper thorax.

Hence, if someone had a narrow upper thorax due to cretinism, as discussed in the rib cage section above, would that then conversely suggest the person would likely have a cranially-oriented glenoid and elevated (superior) shoulder?

However, in 2001 an assembled entire Neandertal skeleton (consisting of fossil elements from several different sites) “boasted a conical thorax that tapered upward from the broad pelvis to a narrow top, giving it an incredibly distinctive look”.

What is interesting is that the authors believe the fossil materials from the 102a area of the Lesedi Chamber “represent a minimum of two adult individuals and one immature individual”, but the “inference of two adults is based upon the morphological incongruence” of the left and right femoral elements, as “no adult element is clearly duplicated in the collection”.

The Lesedi Chamber is stated as being about 30 m (100 ft) below the surface, there being no direct route between it and the Dinaledi Chamber.

The two chambers are said to be about 60 m (200 ft) apart in a straight line, with the shortest traversable route between them being approximately 145 m (475 ft).

The area excavated in the Lesedi Chamber is said to be small, so it is likely that more fossils will be discovered.

No tools have been found in either of the chambers so far.

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