Darkwave dating

I appreciated her honesty in having no desire to exercise but I don't know what to do with this one.

Is it really the shallow of me to dismiss her as a serious partner because she doesn't exercise?

Anyway, March is upon us, time to start posting reactions to the mixes you have (hopefully) received.The difference is that a Genre Roulette album can have a country song followed by a punk song, while an NPZR album will have a song that's country from country to punk mid-song (which is probably more an example of Genre Roulette). Compare/contrast with Genre-Busting and Genre Adultery. For this reason it's often difficult to define where one trope ends and the next begins, especially since some bands liberally use both techniques. Call me a bad person but I think this may be a deal-breaker already.She doesn't even seem that interested in becoming athletic saying "I might have to start exercising when my metabolism slows down".

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