Dating a big man

You don't have to settle for a great pesonality when you find his look repulsive. This topic isn't limited to "straight" relationships, any type of couple can have this issue.I am more attracted to swimers' type of body, but won't judge anybody else if they found bigger dudes to be physically MORE attractive. I do think it is really strange there is an implicit assumption that everything in life is related to attracting the opposite sex. The problem was, we went to an amusement park, he could not go on rides.Wieght is one thing, but the rest of the picture is the real issue. I'm no Olympic athlete, but these ^^^^ are the issues that would concern me, as well.

But every woman I've ever dated also had interests she pursued without me, so this was never a problem. But don't assume that your preferences are everyone else's preferences, too.

But if you do go, then don't whine about it and take all the fun out of it for me.

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Instead of focussing on the things we couldn't or wouldn't do together we foccussed on those things we could do together. I didn't try to date heavier guys, I did date a heavier guys. When I find someone's personality attractive and sexy, oftentimes I also find their appearance attractive and sexy even if I didn't at first my last boyfriend was fat. he was really funny which won me over, but he had other personality/life issues as well and didn't treat me that well so i ended it.

And it wasn't because I was trying to force myself - it was because I wanted to. the overweightness by itself wasn't that big of a deal, but unfortunately being overweight is often a reflection of one's lifestyle and personality- it definitely was in his case.

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