Dating a cancer guy

The Cancer man knows exactly how to a take a woman into his Crabby grip and keep her there forever.

We may be setting feminism back a few centuries by saying this, but damn, it feels good to have a man take care of you like he does.

Rather than marvel at her rare book collection and African pottery, Edward noticed two things: that Nancy’s living room air conditioner didn’t work, and she didn’t have an anti-slip pad under her tiny kitchen rug. Edward was testing to see whether Nancy needed him.

Nancy was irritated, but she also wanted Edward to be comfortable in her home. Instead of fixing the air conditioner herself, she was supposed to ask him to help her replace it.

She imagined their fourth date being dinner at Le Cirque, not appliance shopping at Circuit City.

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The Cancer man needs to create dependents—and that goes for you, too.

Do you question if your own Zodiac sign is compatible Cancer?

Cancers are born between June 22 — July These luscious and charismatic men actually love being in a monogamous relationship, particularly over the long term.

Of course, there’s thin line between security and smothering.

When he sidles up from behind and puts his arms around your waist, you’ll either hope he never lets go, or make a mental note to call him if a choking victim needs the Heimlich maneuver.

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