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Eikrem met it at the penalty spot and headed it past Oustad, who was playing his 150th MLS game. ”I was disappointed, but there was a lot of good,” United coach Ben Olsen said.

”It’s always a great feeling scoring, and winning was massive for us,” Eikrem said of his first MLS goal. ”On the day, we were just a little bit short with some of the quality, the passing, the execution.

During drought, oxygen-16, which is lighter than oxygen-18, evaporates faster, so that the remaining water in the lake and, consequently, the snails' shells, become enriched with oxygen-18.

The team's reconstruction showed a spike in the relative amount of oxygen-18 between 4,200 and 4,000 years ago.

”It was a combination of him wanting to help the team win, putting himself in a good spot, and actually delivering and finishing the play.” Cristian Roldan set up Eikrem’s first of the year and the game winner. Paul Arriola’s header was slapped away in the goalmouth by Seattle keeper Stefan Frei.

He crossed a target ball into the box from the right side. It was just one game, and we need many more wins.” The goal by Mattocks in the 53rd minute was his sixth the season for D. But Mattocks ran onto the ensuing loose ball inside the 6-yard box and drilled it in around Seattle defender Kim Kee-hee.

But the Harappans seemed to slowly lose their urban cohesion, and their cities were gradually abandoned.

The value for a given year for a given month shows the total number of billion-dollar events that had occurred by that month. Yet he was feeling at least a little better about it by helping the Seattle Sounders end a rough stretch. Seattle (3-7-2) had not scored since Handwalla Bwana’s tally in the 54th minute of a 2-1 win at Toronto on May 9.Lodeiro halted a 362-minute Seattle scoreless drought in the 57th minute, and Magnus Wolff Eikrem headed in the winner in the 83rd on Saturday night as the Sounders rallied to beat D. Since then, the Sounders were blanked by Portland and twice by Real Salt Lake.The result, reported last week in , supports the idea that monsoon failure led to the civilization’s decline, although David Hodell, a co-author of the study and a paleoclimatologist also at the University of Cambridge, hastens to add that uncertainties in the shell and archaeological records mean that the dates could be off by some 100 years in either direction. We don’t see major changes in the North Atlantic or in the solar activity at that time.” Recently, another team, led by paleoclimatologist Sushma Prasad of the German Research Center for Geoscience in Potsdam, Germany, did a similar analysis on a sediment core from Lonar Lake in central India.Anil Gupta, the director of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology in Dehradun, India, says that the work fills a gap in the geographic record of ancient droughts. They found that in that area, drought began as many as 4,600 years ago.

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