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Gershom Scholem notes that in the Kabbalah 'haskel' or 'heskel' (Jeremiah 9.23), is the infinitive form of 'sekhel' or Julian likely earned her keep when an anchoress teaching children their A. C., these children then being able to become literate nuns and monks. (Paris Manuscript, folios 103v-104, henceforth cited as P, followed by folio number), Our alphabet is Semitic, and of one family, of one technology, of one phonetic code, shared by Torah, Koran and Gospel, in which our Bible, Gods Word is inscribed, whether the forms of these letters be aleph, beth, gimel, or alpha, beta, gamma, or A, B, C, in our Roman usage.

Julian speaks of her knowing of God, her approaching God, as being like learning her A. The Hebrew alphabet has each letter be a thing and a number as well as a phonetic code, aleph=ox, 1 or 1000, beth=house (2,2000), gimel=camel (3,3000). One calls such mysticism cataphatic, for it uses signs and symbols, icons and images, being concrete, not abstract, 'dabhar' being word and thing, 'amen', that which is said, which therefore is.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, whom I was editing for Penguin, had been proficient in Hebrew as a child.

At the same time, I was editing the manuscripts of Julian of Norwich in my convent.

Birgitta even travelled in her seventieth year to Jerusalem and to Bethlehem (House of Bread), seeing there her vision of the Nativity, and in the next cave where Jerome, Paula and Eustochium worked together translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into the Latin Vulgate.

There is a strong possibility that Julian had heard Adam Easton preach at a time when he was studying and translating Isaiah, and making use of Rabbi David Kimhis brilliant commentaries on Isaiah and on the Psalms, for Julian not only uses the servant Messiah passages from Isaiah 52-53, she also incorporates into the Showing of Love the Isaiah 30.15 passage on restlessness and rest that Augustine before her and Herbert after her so treasured, the Isaiah 40.12 passage on Gods holding the waters of his Creation in the hollow of his hand, the passages in Isaiah 49.15 and 66.13 where God compares himself to a mother who loves her child, as well as using Psalms 110.1 and 119.73, and perhaps the Isaiah 2.10 passage on being hidden in a ditch, in the Vulgate, abscondere in fossa humo.

It 'playfully', cruelly, presents Isaac of Norwich drawn with three heads, Moses Mokke and the Jewess Arveghaye (Abigail) together with demons by Norwich Castle.

Camille's discussion of the drawing is in the context of idolatry.

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I might mention that Joanna Greenberg's first novel, , many of these being taken before the war and the bombing that would destroy St Julian's Church. At Bury St Edmunds is still to be found the strong Jews House known as Moyses Hall, and correspondingly the Jews House in Norwich is still to be found although greatly disguised by reason of subsequent additions. Information on Adam Easton is to be found in Leslie John Mac Farlane, 'The Life and Writings of Adam Easton, O. We have a huge bill paid for the shipping by wagon of the manuscripts, 113 shillings and three pence.

And I suddenly became aware that often in her texts Julian showed direct knowledge of that language, for instance in not translating '.

I then found other instances, which I discuss later in this talk.

Indeed, the Jews in the major English cities were required to keep the documentation concerning the loans they made, shetar, in archae, chests, punning on the Ark of the Law.

Norwich's Cathedral was largely built from such loans.

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