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This term is originally derived from Proto-Germanic "þiudiskaz", meaning "of the people" (this word has also been preserved in the Italian word for German, which is "Tedesco", and the English word "Dutch").

In Dutch the word "plat" means "flat", but also refers to the way a language is spoken: "plat" means "slang" in that case.

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The general Dutch term for the language of ordinary people in former ages was Dietsch or Duutsch, as it still exists in the term Low Dietsch (Plattdütsch).Under the influence of the Merovingian and especially the Carolingian dynasty, Eastern Low Franconian underwent much influence from the neighbouring High German languages.This resulted among other things in the partial participation of Eastern Low Franconian in the High German consonant shift in the 10th and especially the 11th century, which makes the Limburgish-speaking area also part of the so-called Rhenish fan.People from Limburg usually call their language Plat, the same as Low German speakers do.This plat refers simply to the fact that the language is spoken in the low plains country, as opposed to the use of High in High German languages, which are derived from dialects spoken in the more mountainous southerly regions.

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