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RECYCLING: Unspecified quantities of new scrap generated in the processing of beryllium-copper alloys and quantities of obsolete military equipment containing metallic beryllium were recycled, according to the USGS.

SUBSTITUTES: Some substitutes for beryllium include graphite, steel and titanium in some applications that use beryllium metal; phosphor bronze in some applications using beryllium-copper alloys; and aluminum nitride in some applications using beryllium oxide.(i) In steel, a long product of square cross-section used for rolling into finished shape as a rebar or light long product; the form in which steel is traded on the LME.

Usually produced from bauxite as a first stage in the manufacture of aluminum. Its history—save for a few pieces of flatware worked up for one of the Napoleons—dates back to 1889 and the launching of Pittsburgh Reduction Co.—later Aluminum Co. The metal’s discovery goes back to 1827, but it took its discoverer, Frederich Wholer, another 18 years before he could isolate a few small beads of it.

Aluminum was already 12 years into its second century as a viable commercial metal when the Third Millennium got under way.

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Heavy, soft, brittle and silver white in color, bismuth might be one of the most environmentally safe metals around. Classified as one of the low-melting-point metals, bismuth is one of the few elements that doesn’t shrink upon solidification.

Antimony is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

More than 80 percent of the world’s mined antimony is produced in China, where mine production was about 100,000 tonnes in 2000.

But lesser amounts of secondary antimony have been produced in recent years due to changing industry trends, the USGS reported.

SUBSTITUTES: Some substitutes for antimony include compounds of chromium, tin, titanium, zinc and zirconium in paint pigments and enamels; combinations of cadmium, calcium, copper, selenium,strontium,sulfur and tin for hardening lead; and selected organic compounds and hydrated aluminum oxide as flame retardants.

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