Dating fender tube amps serial number

In een buisvoet zie je een 6550 zitten waar ik aan de slag wil gaan met een UL eindtransfo en gaf me alle info die ik nodig had.Vele groeten van mij, aan jullie beiden, Remco De Vilder 21st of April 2018, Bruce Mc Bean reports another beautiful u Tracer working on the other side of the world!

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I really liked the step-by-step 'build and calibrate' process in the construction manual.TX on u Tracer goes to RX on the comm boards and RX on u Tracer goes to TX on the comm boards.The wires are reversed on the u Tracer to keep it simple on the breadboard.I have both a Bluetooth card and a FTDI USB board connected (tested with two different FTDI USB boards, both work fine).The trick is that I dont connect the USB board to the 5V as it gets powered via USB anyway.

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