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I remember the way he smiled at me, A split second frame where he was free. He crossed his heart and then he died He told the priest it hurt too much to tell the truth, so he lied. We’ll make the world our own, We’ll make this night last forever, We’ll fall asleep, together. i'm a liar and a cheater and a faker and i'm too naive but i like it that way. maybe that makes me wierd or strange or disturbed, but i do. i fear, i hide, i confront, i sigh, i am broken, i am used, i am fading, i am blue, but i am glowing, i am free, i have sad eyes, and scars, and breasts, and legs, and arms, and a heart, and a soul. and whoever said i was a miracle was a liar- i am no miracle. so fuck what everyone is this god forsaken world thinks of what you do or who you are. be that girl who parties all night and is a "slut." be HER. I'm the slut with the scars on my arms and the broken heart and the lost childhood. different hair, different eyes, different loves, different lies. I told the priest I didn’t know how to lie And he taught me with his painful smirks And his tearing gaze, on my blood stained shirt He taught me not only how to lie, he taught me how to die, Or at least that’s what I felt like. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you when I was hurting, like you told me to.

i know it hurts, but you gotta stand, use that strength, but don't take their hand, you need to fuck up, make it hurt, you need to fight, make it work.

you wake up in his arms, in a motel made of spiders, they're crawling in your veinsthe heroine of liars.

you ask him to buy you a drink, and you consume until you sink.

perfect child, they didn't knowuntil they smelled the liqour on your breath, you tried so hard to hide yourself, to be the girl they'f always known, you said yes, to the thing that passed itself around, and you are sick, sick and tired now of waiting for escape.

consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.2. you said yes, shoulda said no, you needed time to grow, that you'd never been given, and peace outstretched her armsand you turned away, you said, let me make my own mistakes.

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