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The majority of charges include allegations of discharge based on pregnancy.

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Because the pregnancy was not obvious and the evidence indicated that the decision makers did not know of Germaine's pregnancy at the time of the bonus decision, there is no reasonable cause to believe that Germaine was subjected to pregnancy discrimination.

Soon after, pregnancy complications kept her out of the office for two additional days.

When Maria returned to work, her supervisor said her body was trying to tell her something and that he needed someone who would not have attendance problems. The investigation reveals that Maria's attendance record was comparable to, or better than, that of non-pregnant co-workers who remained employed.

Part I of this document provides guidance on Title VII's prohibition against pregnancy discrimination.

It describes the individuals to whom the PDA applies, the ways in which violations of the PDA can be demonstrated, and the PDA's requirement that pregnant employees be treated the same as employees who are not pregnant but who are similar in their ability or inability to work (with a particular emphasis on light duty and leave policies).

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