Dating katerina klado

(1968) - Finds of 500-900.000 years in Petralona cave.

Proceedings of the 4th International Congress of Spelaeology.

(1960 b) - Report of the observations on the Petralona Caves.

(1961) - Discovery of a skull of Palaeolithic Man in Greece.

(1922) - The traditional dance of Ikaria Island (in Greek) Gardikas Ch.

(Historically the first announcement of the Petralona Cave discovery).

Bulletin de la Societe Speleologique de Grece, VI(6): 160-166. (1964) - Die saugetierfauna der Hohle Petralona bei Thessaloniki (preliminary report). Institute for Geology and Subsurface Research, IX(1): 3-16.

Savvas (1965) - Craniological study of Homo neanderthalensis of Petralona.

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(1962) - Skull of Palaeolithic Man from Petralona, Greece.

Kanellis (1960/1) - Decuverte d'un crane d' Homme Palaeolithique dans la Peninsule Chalcidique.

(1962) - The Cave of the "Red Rocks" (Petralona Chalkidiki).

(1974) - The 9th International Congress of Anthropology (in Greek).

(1974) - Der Petralona-Schadel-ein klassicher Neandertaler?

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