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When I was 14, I found a box of old letters in my grandmother's garage. Every postmark was from the mid to late-1940s and they were bundled with satin ribbon. It was not unlike discovering a million dollars buried at the bottom of my laundry basket.

Grama didn't feel that way.“You can have them when I'm dead.”Horrified, I shoved them back on the shelf where they came from and forgot about them, far more content to have a grandmother than the written history of one. I have always loved letters, postcards, anything that requires a postmark. I have a small circle of friends that receive mail from me. I think it's important that we give the postal service our business.

Many discuss the “Corridor Club,” which one joins by having sex in a train washroom.

A conversation about whether Ugg boots are ugly lasted weeks.

If I can prepare for disastrous, albeit rare eventualities, I will.

As we put emphasis on shorter, faster, instant, I worry that we're also eliminating words you can't, in my opinion, build a relationship without -- thought and effort. One written by my grandfather, addressed to my grandmother and another set the other way around.

GO Transit, named for its owner, the Government of Ontario, moved 57 million passengers last year, up from 36 million in 1998.

Now in its 44th year, GO is Canada’s busiest railway, far outstripping VIA Rail in ridership. Beneath the proper exterior of well-pressed and orderly GO Train commuters bubble hearts seething with lust.

You probably won’t see this since you’ll be too busy looking distinguished and reading your book, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for you again.

— Girl With a Great View.”“It’s just a dating service now,” protests Danny Palma, who rides the Barrie-Bradford line and works at Scotiabank. One guy was writing about peoples’ panties.”Some dislike this trend in the Shout Outs.

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