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By studying the emu egg shells before and after 50,000 years ago it was found that emus were eating a very wide range of foods prior to the extinction of Genyornis.

After the extinction of the Genyornis the range of plants in the emu diet changed radically, the variety of plant types being greatly reduced.

If it was burnt in a bushfire the whole of the shell would show signs of burning.

But the evidence does not point to large-scale plundering of the eggs.

This has led to the suggestion that the people may have been eating dead or dying animals that had been trapped in the mud around the water's edge.

It has been suggested that a reason for the lack of evidence for the hunting of large megafauna animals in Australia was the lack of the large stone spear points used for that purpose elsewhere.

There are those who believe that rather than becoming extinct, they simply down-sized, evolving into the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus, also known as the Great Grey Kangaroo, the largest of which get about 2/3 of the size of Macropus titan.Comparison of DNA from the bones of megafauna animals and the traces on the stone artefacts shows that they were used to butcher Macropus titan (a giant kangaroo) and Diprotodon.So at least at this place the Aboriginal People were eating megafauna animals.These did not exist in Australia until thousands of years later.At Cuddie Springs, where there is little doubt the people were eating megafauna, the stone implements appear to be all of the type used for processing carcases rather than hunting large animals.

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