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Tina K submitted the following photo of the famous "Hi-Way 39" drive in movie theater.This photo was taken May 31, 1997, shortly before it was torn down.The Hi-Way 39 Drive-in was located on Beach Blvd & Trask Ave in Garden Grove.Anyone traveling along Beach Blvd couldn't miss the giant screen. Even today, when I drive past the place, I keep expecting to see the giant screen.

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You might consider tracking one down near you and showing it some love the next time you have an itch to get out of the house and check out a flick. In today’s Geek Bomb, we’re charting the history of the drive-in theater experience, and we’ll be letting you know how you can check one out yourself. An Idea Is Born I was actually surprised to find out that the drive-in theater was actually invented way back in 1933.

Still, it worked, and Hollingshead got investors and ended up opening his invention to the public.

The First Drive-In Hollingshead opened his first drive-in theater on June 6th, 1933.

First and foremost was how to better load cars in and out, and to perfect the ramp system he had come up with to let cars in back rows see better.

Plus they wanted to squeeze more cars in, to bring in the bucks.

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