Dating newly divorced guy

He had emotionally vacated the marriage and I also discovered he was involved with his colleague, to whom he would confide his woes (including calling me names) and secretly date, plus show care, assistance and concern towards.

On one occasion when we were fighting about his cheating, he physically hurt me: flipped me off the bed with such force that I somersaulted and landed oddly on my back on the floor, restrained my hands when I tried to call …

I want to thank you very much for listening and helping.

His ex-wife is also filling the children’s head with all sorts of untruths and I wondered if there was a support group or counsellor that he may be able to talk to in a similar situation …

Continue reading » Number of View: 904 Dear Gilbert It’s been 3 years since I emailed you for help regarding legal support.

Number of View: 460 Hi Gilbert, My divorce is already finalized for about 5 years but my ex-husband is not letting my 2 kids and I to move on – they are now 6 and 7 years old.

He has already re-married with a child on their own.

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