Dating pacific islanders or samoans

California has the most Samoans; concentrations live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County.San Francisco has approximately 2,000 people of Samoan ancestry, and other Bay Area cities such as East Palo Alto and Daly City have Samoan communities.Samoan American is a subcategory of Polynesian American.About 65,000 people live on American Samoa, while the US census in 20 has found 4 times the number of Samoan Americans live in the mainland USA.Pacific Islands Americans, also known as Oceanian Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, or Native Hawaiian and/or other Pacific Islander Americans, are Americans who have ethnic ancestry among the indigenous peoples of Oceania (viz. Other significant groups include Yapese, Pohnpeian, Kosraean, Chuuk, and Palauan. Native Hawaiians, Samoans, Tongans, and Chamorros have large communities in Hawaii, California, and Utah, with sizable communities in Washington, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, and Arkansas. American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam are insular areas (U. The largest Micronesian American subgroups are Marshallese and Chamoru Americans.(This is the only circumstance under which an individual would be one and not the other.) For this reason, Samoans can move to Hawaii or the mainland United States and obtain citizenship comparatively easily.

Arkansas has the largest Mashallese population with over 6,000 residents. Census also counts Indigenous Australians as part of this group. The largest ethnic subgroups of Pacific Islander Americans are Native Hawaiians, Samoans, Chamorros, Fijians, Marshallese and Tongans. Micronesian Americans are Americans of Micronesian descent. population including those with partial Pacific Islander ancestry, enumerating about 1.4 million people. In the 2010 census 1,225,195 Americans claimed "'Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander'" as their race alone or in combination.Utah has the largest Tongan American population and Hawaii has the second largest.Many of the first Tongan Americans came to the United States in connection to the LDS Church.

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