Dating profile makeovers

Strong: I've been cooking since i could reach the stove and have finally mastered my granny's Chicken and Dumpling's recipe.

First, see these examples of leading with the negative, followed by a positive approach to sharing your "less negotiables": "Frankly, I'm a little frustrated with online dating sites. Looking to delete this entire online app, not interested in wasting my time or yours. Also please do not copy and paste a message to me that you are recycling around to each person you match with-its completely transparent."Instead, open with the positive, and be clear about what it is you want and appreciate in a partner.

So my goals for her are to use less general things people always say ("I like to travel!

") and add in a few of details about her hobbies, adventures, and life in general, while of course, keeping it true to her voice and personality. I'm really good at Finding my way around new cities on public transportation, sewing and knitting handmade Christmas gifts, and packing all my belongings and moving overseas (Salzburg to Los Angeles to Vienna in the past three years!

What changes do you think she should make, or what details do you think she needs to add?

I mean, I know you don't know her, but what kind of things do you think guys would like to know about her that she isn't sharing in her profile?

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