Dating relationship counseling gabe saporta and leighton meester dating

​This practice specializes in treating issues from the context of couples therapy.We treat not only traditionally married couples, but also couples who are dating, cohabitating, or interested in premarital counseling.The first appointment(s) generally consist of the therapist gathering background information, and a personal and relationship history through an assessment.The therapist may assess a wide range of relationship components, including communication, sex, recreation, in-laws/family, parenting, and finances.In addition to purely relationally-based issues Manhattan Relationship Counseling and Psychotherapy also treats mental health concerns using a variety of evidence-based practices tailored to the specific needs of the individual.Our clinicians are highly skilled in treating an array of issues including (but not limited to) Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic events and PTSD, Substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, Bereavement and loss, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Conduct and Oppositional Disorder, and other childhood-related disorder.

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Relationships and marriage bring enjoyment, companionship, and contentment to our lives, but they also take hard work and dedication.

Depending on the situation and the therapist’s therapeutic approach, he or she may ask to speak with each partner individually, along with meeting with you as a couple.

After providing an assessment, couples therapy can go in a variety of directions based on the current issues and goals of the couple.

The therapist will help each partner understand his or her role in the relationship conflict and take ownership of his or her feelings, thoughts and actions.

Expect to take an active role in therapy and remember to be honest and ask questions if you are unsure of where counseling is going.

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