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The only thing I can say for certain about the Shroud, is that it is neither a painting nor a photograph.

I cannot explain how the image was formed and I will never be certain who the man was.

Never did I imagine that one of the people who had actually stood in the presence of the image and had the opportunity to photograph it would go to the lengths that you have in communicating all that you have derived from the experience. Over the years I have found a deep source of consolation in gazing upon the features of the face on the Shroud. I am reminded of the two Jewish men who came forward to take the body of Jesus down from the cross.

They carried him away for burial at their own expense. Editor's Note: Included at this point in the e-mail were a number of illustrations which I have not included here, but the text is reprinted in its entirety.

[Two Illustrations Deleted] Victor Hugo's Quasimodo is based on the historical Jesus, rather than the modern-day rendition.

It was Victor Hugo who secretly portrayed the real Jesus in his famous novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, based on the description given by Josephus!

I just wanted to thank you for all your dedication and work on keeping the site up and current.

Every time you send out an update notice I get a warm feeling that someone actually cares about the world and God's legacy.

I believe God gave us brains to think critically, and the source material on your site definitely feeds the grey matter as well as the spirit :-) I appreciate the sincerity and vivacity of your presentation.

I have avidly followed the scientific research that has been done on the Shroud over the years. To extend all that you have must have come at a great deal of personal sacrifice.

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