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As a tool in Russia's "hybrid warfare" strategy, the Internet Research Agency -- sometimes formerly known as the Internet Research center -- employs hundreds of young Russians who conduct online information operations using fake social-media accounts in an attempt to distort political sentiment in Russia and abroad.

A Facebook official on September 6 told The Washington Post there was evidence that fake accounts used to promote the Russian-bought Facebook ads were linked to the International Research Agency.

"You could be [posing as] a housewife who bakes dumplings and suddenly decides: 'I have an opinion about what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin said!

And this action by Vladimir Vladimirovich saves Russia." 'Inauthentic' Facebook Accounts Facebook's chief security officer, Alex Stamos, said on September 6 that 0,000 was spent for 3,000 Facebook advertisements dating back to June 2015 that were spread across the social-media network by users of 470 "inauthentic" Facebook accounts and pages.

In the 2016 Consumer Reports Online Dating Survey, more than 9,600 people who had used an online dating service in the last two years were asked which one they had joined.

Forty-eight percent said Match, a paid site, but Plenty Of Fish (free) and e Harmony (paid) tied for second most popular, with 23 percent apiece.

"There are about 40 rooms with about 20 people sitting in each, and each person has their assignments," he said. "The underlings not only aren't allowed to approach management," Tatyana N. Petersburg oligarch, restaurant owner, and supposedly well-connected Kremlin insider known as "the Kremlin's chef." Prigozhin has been targeted by U. sanctions for supporting Russia's seizure and annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.

For every dating site or app that charges close to per month, such as Match, e Harmony, or JDate, there are plenty of other popular ones like Ok Cupid or Tinder that are free.

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Lyudmila Savchuk told RFE/RL in 2015 that the firm was targeting Russian and English-language social-media sites at the time.

“I’ve always assumed that putting anything behind a pay wall makes it more attractive and weeds out the casual users and trolls,” agrees Joseph Lynn, a Chicago man who used e Harmony and Match as well as a few free sites.

“The fact that e Harmony matched me with several women with whom I shared common interests led me to believe that I was seeing more quality matches.” At the same time, you shouldn’t write off a site just because it’s free.

“There are people of different intentions on every platform; it’s more important what your intention is.” Perhaps the key factor that determines whether you’ll like a site is not the price to join but the kind of people you find on it and how they behave and communicate.

“That’s the real issue—how happy are people with their interactions on the dating sites,” says Scott Kominers, a lecturer in economics at Harvard University.

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