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Whether Steffy then falls back into Bill’s arms is a different issue, as the outrage this entire scenario will cause throughout B&B’s world is sure to resonate.Could Dollar Still form in the wake of Liam and Steffy’s union ending, which assumes that outcome as a near certainty?Moving into the initial days of 2018, Liam will be irate, Steffy will be in shock, again, and Bill will be calibrating where the fallout leads to.As savvy B&B fans know, Steffy never denied her latent feelings for Bill after those characters cavorted in the Forrester mansion guest house.Okay, so the plot point that sparked Liam’s enlightenment wasn’t overly plausible.But this is escapist fantasy, so all willing observers suspended disbelief right at that moment.Immediately relieved, at the time she gave sarcastic remarks towards Gillian and other actresses involved.

However, recently Stephy's 6 minute video clip circulated online, leading to an exposure of photos on the cover of tabloid magazine .Yesterday at 5pm, Stephy immediately clarified through her blog that the report is some nonsense created by tabloid magazine: "This time it is too over the line, I will leave it to my company to handle it.You all do not need to worry." Had always been known as a jade girl, this is the first time Stephy had sex photos exposed on a magazine cover, which really hurts her image.That’s a powerful question for all B&B fans to ponder as 2018 dawns.CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Bold and the Beautiful.

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