Dating the book of daniel

The basis for dating Daniel would almost always include arguments from Daniel’s historical, lingustic and theological context, and/or arguments from the study of comparative prophecy.

I doubt that any Daniel scholar argues from any simple bias against predictive prophecy.

For instance, see this recent comment by Christian fundamentalist, Bob Burns, on a publicly accessible discussion group: Not surprisingly, Bob Burns fails to actually cite any scholars who he thinks carry out such an approach.

So it seems that Bob’s accusation of bias is nothing more than.. But let’s do what Bob didn’t do, and actually examine the method of perhaps the major living critical scholar on the Book of Daniel today, John J. John Collins makes it explicit that the method he follows is precisely the opposite of that described in Bob’s empty and unsupported accusation.

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Daniel is a legendary figure of wisdom and righteousness who features in Ezek. The book of Daniel was published under his name as an appropriate pseudonym, as was usual with apocalyptic writing, some of whose characteristics are shared by this book.

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