Dating the cancer woman

She is the gal most likely to clip coupons and store them in a jar that she took with her when she left her mother’s home.

You can see that she combines tender qualities in her approach to marriage. He will nurture as much as she does, but what he will nurture is his wife, their mutual investments, their retirement fund, and both sets of parents.

They become like two little children trying to find out how “bad” they can be and still be loveable and adorable.

Therefore the way they date may be a mystery to all outsiders but it follows the revealed game plan.

They will have transferred something between the two of them which has become non-negotiable.

You might say that friendship ends where need begins.

There will be many levels of exchanges — money, sex, comfort, security, belonging, “the future” — all of these things will have been bartered for as each tries to lock the other one into an incontrovertible arrangement that benefits him or herself individually.

You haven’t been squeezed until you’ve been squeezed by a Cancer.

She is often found looking at her home like a profit-center.

It runs something like this — If I tell you I love you will you marry me … if you give me security will you promise never to take it away ….

And then there is the endless testing for unconditionality between these two insecure, sometimes neurotic, individuals.

There is a strong enough bond to create a classic co-dependent relationship.

The transferences of needs is so great that they are likely to feel they cannot live without one another.

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