Dating the iceman worksheet

This is one find that changes forever what we think about the past.

The mind that can create that copper ax is practically, and for all purposes, the same mind that can create a computer, a circuit board. This is no surprise to biblical creationists who have been saying for years that ancient man was just as intelligent as modern man.

Also, because he had a full stomach, Ötzi probably was not on the run or involved in a battle.

Of special interest were the “light bulb” moments where the scientists were shocked that the evidence didn’t fit their preconceived evolutionary beliefs—particularly regarding the intelligence of ancient man and the times in which he lived.

Apparently murdered, his body was then frozen for millennia—5,300 years according to the program.

Can modern forensic science provide answers explaining Ötzi’s death? Was he a fugitive on the run, killed in battle, or murdered by an acquaintance?

A deep cut on his right hand suggests he may have been involved in hand-to-hand combat with a knife-wielding foe.

Material was extracted from Ötzi’s pelvic bone using a trephine needle, the same instrument used for bone marrow biopsies.

They learned that he had blood on the brain when he died, indicating he had suffered blunt force trauma just before his death.Soon after being discovered, Ötzi’s remains were displayed in a custom-made frozen crypt at a museum in Bolzano, Italy, where they can still be seen today.The lone exception to his days in this cold enclosure came in November, 2010, when a team of nearly two dozen researchers came together for an in-depth investigation of the “iceman.” Ötzi was thawed out for nine hours, during which time he essentially received an autopsy as the scientists attempted to solve many of the mysteries surrounding his death.This made me cringe since I underwent six of those procedures during my battle with leukemia, and they were quite painful—although obviously not for Ötzi.From this material, the researchers isolated some DNA, and they also found evidence of arthritis, atherosclerosis, and Lyme disease.

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