Dating violence statistics america

Also in 2016 just under half or 48% of black women had never been married which is up from 44% in 2008 and 42.7% in 2005.It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women.created a first-of-its-kind open-source database documenting mass shootings in the United States.Our research focused on indiscriminate rampages in public places resulting in four or more victims killed by the attacker.For much more of our reporting on mass shootings, gun violence, and gun laws, see our special investigations: America Under the Gun, Newtown: One Year After, and The True Cost of Gun Violence.Marriage has been a declining institution among all Americans and this decline is even more evident in the Black community.We exclude shootings stemming from more conventionally motivated crimes such as armed robbery or gang violence.Other news outlets and researchers have since published larger tallies that include a wide range of gun crimes in which four or more people have been either wounded or killed.

The cases we’ve documented since then using the revised federal baseline reaffirm our major analytical findings. The gun massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012, another at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that August, another at a manufacturer in Minneapolis that September—and then the unthinkable nightmare at a Connecticut elementary school that December—were some of the latest in an epidemic of such gun violence over the last three-plus decades.

Plus: more on the crucial mental illness factor, and on a barrage of state laws rolling back gun restrictions across the US.

And: Explore the full data set behind our investigation.

After viewing the available data, we can see that although fewer black women are “now married”, more black women than Black men have been married at least once.

This is because a higher percentage of Black women are divorced and widowed than men.

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