Dating younder

Women, if you sense someone checking you out, try to get a better look on the sly to see if you might be interested so you don’t exchange glances with someone you’d rather not.Once eye contact has been made, don’t hold their gaze for too long, not that first one.Look away and then wait a few minutes and try to catch her eyes again.By looking away you’ll have captured her interest and launched the game of seduction.Like the staring mentioned above, giving too many odes of right off the bat can seem really superficial or too keen.On the other hand, you can tell her that you’d really been wanting to talk to her since you saw her, that is sexy.Okay, you’ve now determined their attraction might be reciprocal…

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She could be playing a bit coy, she may even teasingly ignore you for a little while, which gives you time to plan your next move.When you’ve seized her eyes this second time, you can lock her gaze for a little longer.At this, women might want to give a smile, it should only be small.If she doesn’t, the man can give a small, sly smile.Very small, but enough for her to see that you are indeed interested and that the first glance wasn’t a mistake. If she turns away quickly without smiling that probably means you should give up.

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