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Then, your query is routed to the Verizon LIDB over our CCS7 access connection through our signal transfer points.

The Line Information Database (LIDB) is a database for alternate billing arrangements, Originating Line Number Screening (OLNS) and Calling Name Delivery (CNAM).LIDB queries return information about billing and privacy features associated with line number entries stored in the database (following an industry format as described in the Telcordia Operator Services Generic Requirements (OSSGR)) The carrier has the capability to input end user records for its subscribers into the Verizon LIDB.The LIDB provides the ability to perform screening for collect, bill to third number and calling cards, and to determine whether billed lines are either public or semi-public telephones.Through the service, Verizon monitors calling activity, blocks attempts to bill calls to pay phones and verifies alternate billing data for accuracy before completing calls.As a result, you are protected against most calling fraud losses while offering customers more ways to pay for the calls they make.

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