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) and was hoping I’d be okay with the news he was about to share. Robins remembered his summer-camp girlfriend and replied to her Facebook message. “And to think,” says Garber, “I worried that we’d spend the whole evening talking about summer camp.” So there you have it. Written by a friend of mine (no, really, it’s not me) who recently moved to LA from New York (I swear it’s not me!

They agreed to meet for drinks the next time he was in Chicago. They talked into the night, went out the next day, then decided to give their long-distance retrosexual romance a try. Garber quit her advertising job and moved to Seattle to be with him. ), the post tells a tale all-too-familiar to Jewish daters…there’s a fancy hotel, expensive cars and clothes, and a man with an obscure job. I was contacted on JDate by a man who initiated an IM conversation with “Are you a good cook”?

I’d tell you to watch for my favorite part, but let’s face it – it’s pretty much all my favorite part.

Over at, Patrick Aleph, a self-described “rocker dude” notes that now that he’s single and has decided he wants to marry Jewish, he’s having some trouble finding his ideal woman.

He shared his opinions and made me laugh throughout the date. Gentle reader, not all of us feel compelled to attend high school reunions. The piece shares stories of people who re-met after many years, to tepid – or incredibly awkward – results.

I was interested in him and was hoping to learn more. But there’s always someone with the silver lining of a story that makes you think – hey, this just might work for me too…

Without being able to consult the program, it is unclear precisely which talk these videos are intended for, or what the overall theme is, but based on the numbering of the videos (compared with the numbering from previous years) I would guess that they are due to be shown on the Friday afternoon.

(The videos are numbered 44 to 49, and in the 2017 convention video similar numbers were allotted to the Friday symposium featuring the 1975 denial video.) I have taken the liberty of making a 28-minute You Tube rebuttal to three of the six videos, which you can see here…

He picked a nice bar to meet near my home and I was looking forward to the evening. 1) You’ve become the consummate Googler, especially of your exes.

And while you’re at it, check out “Hacking JDate,” for his attempts at that very interesting and challenging activity. Share them with us in the comments, or email me at jdatersanonymous at

In recent years, videos have become integral to the way Jehovah’s Witnesses receive information from their leaders the Governing Body, or “faithful slave.” Nowhere is the explosion in the use of visual media more apparent than at Watchtower’s annual regional conventions, at which Witnesses now receive a barrage of well over 50 highly-polished, meticulously produced videos over three days.

Ever since Watchtower got serious about converting conventions into video propaganda marathons, organization insiders – including concerned elders and circuit overseers – have been leaking the video material to activists like myself in early summer, just before the convention season is due to start.

They have done this, at great risk of being discovered and punished, in the hope that an early warning of the gruesome content soon to be unleashed will help thinking Witnesses and relatives of devout believers to brace themselves for the onslaught of manipulation, guilt-tripping and fear-mongering in store.

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