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She will be staying with her friend for a month and then off to school in the fall. We fought over it alot, but finally I said I was done..she would have to suffer the consequences of his using and would have to learn for herself. I felt when she lived with me she had less responsiblilty.didn't pay rent, used most of her money to support him. The more she has to do for herself AND him, the more she will realize how much he is taking advantage of her, and she will see how much easier it was for her when she was living home because you made it easier. He is too immature and needs his mommy to take care of him as well. She was moved back in by the time we got home, and never talked to that slime ball again... She has to know that whatever the choice, the consequences go with it.

All her friends told her he was a jerk, but when she moved out, she finally saw him for what he really was, dumped him and moved back home. I am hoping my daughter wakes up sooner than later. I tried to encourage her to save moeny to put money away and she would like but wouldn't show me her bank books. She should get a good dose of what being used is like now that she has to bear the brunt of all the responsibilities herself. It will be a good life lesson for her, and hopefully she will go on to make better choices in boyfriends in the future. I hope she sees that he is a master user/manipulator. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and hopefully she'll meet a doctor or lawyer at college!

meaning forcing her to leave him may make her want him even more. a few people didnt want me with my ex monster b/f, and it upset me so i was determined to stay with him.

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Which begs the question: Settling for a deadbeat loser is like settling for a job you hate.Now she is married (10 years) to a great guy and has a beautiful little boy. Today, however, I feel guilty for asking her to leave. I did her laundry, cleaned her room.to make it easier for her to study but that didn't work well last year because I only made it easier for her to see him. Hey Hope42 It's rough, a lot of young people from single parent homes choose bad relationships or form the other half of them.I just didn't want to face that this fall upon her return to school and thought a month left until school, she may get it. It's important as a child to have a mother and father in a healthy relationship as a model for interactions with your future relationships. lol she is an adult and have to make her own mistakes. This is a mother's nightmare, but in time, if you don't push the issue, she will eventually find out what a loser he is, and dump him. She was sick for one week, not eating, nausea and despair. only after if was all over i seen how much a nut i was.

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