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You never used to be, if not now you never were / Yet you marched with the pure and still besmear our name / No, you will never be true to anything”.

“Conformist”, the album’s lead single, more or less calls out the punk culture in general of being a machine of conformity, pointing to straight-edge as a true subculture to be looked up to.

While the drums and bass are appropriate, they aren’t quite up to par for what one would expect of Puget.

However, the distinct sound of the album allows for the instruments to work.

is coming out in just a couple of weeks, preceded by two very strong singles and a national tour following not long after.

While AFI’s discography is phenomenally strong, the singles indicate one of their best endeavors in several years.

Considering that released less than a year ago, it seems like Davy Havok and Jade Puget are still riding that wave of creativity to make good on their promise of trying to get new Blaqk Audio releases out quicker.

Davy Havok is relentless in his attacks on concepts taken for granted within pop music.

There is no hiding behind poetic verse or imagery; he’s blunt and angry.

XTRMST is a straight-edge (no alcohol, no drugs, no meaningless sex) hardcore band.

It sounds simple, but it’s a complex union that is without a doubt the most controversial album the Havok/Puget collaborations have released.

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