Designer cs file not updating rule of eights pregnancy dating

In VS2013-15 there is a Convert to Web Application command under the Project menu.

Prior to VS2013 this option was available in the right-click context menu for as(c/p)x files.

I'm not sure what's causing this to happen, but I'm wondering if there's any way of forcing Visual Studio to regenerate the .designer file.

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 EDIT: Sorry I should have noted I've already tried: If you open the file and switch between design view and html view and back it will prompt VS to check the controls and add any that are missing to the designer file.

PS: This should not be done in debug mode, as not everything is "recompiled" when debugging.

Some people have also reported success by deleting the .file and then recreate an empty file with the same name.

This would cause important parts of the Android build system (such as updating the Android Resource.designer.cs) to fail.

Sometimes, when I add an axml file or add any resource in the resource folder, my resource.file does not updates itself.

In the few cases where you might open it be sure to always save changes even if you haven't made any.

If ever in doubt then add and then remove a control from the ASCX file to regenerate the designer.

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A quick way to facilitate this is to custom out everything in your tone file except updatinf lookout header.

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